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Don’t worry baby February 4, 2010

Filed under: Ramblin' (wo)Man,Travel Dummy — Angela @ 2:05 pm

Riddle me this batman, I break my husbands beloved laptop and he buys ME a new one? Is that how this marriage thing works? He didn’t get a new one for himself…oh no no…he got ME one!!

I really kinda like my husband a lot, don’t tell anyone.

Today I have spent moving all of the info I (smartly) backed up on to an external hard drive, on to my very cute new little white MacBook, and watching a Rick Steves marathon. I think I will spotlight Sorrento next Tuesday in excitement of the upcoming Spring.

I feel desperately guilty for my lack of consistency with my blogging, especially since I set up such clear rules for myself and promptly broke them all. I will get the it down eventually, I’m just not feeling the rhythm yet.

I blame the computer, or maybe the TV for being so seductive…

Here is a photo to keep you happy. A square in Rome just outside of Santa Maria in Trastevere.


4 Responses to “Don’t worry baby”

  1. been there.
    I’m totally gonna play the ‘been there’ game when you post about Italy.

  2. We’ll forgive you…but only because of the cool wall photo AND because I love Rick Steves too.
    ps – your husband does really rock.

  3. Val Says:

    You’ll get your rhythm back. After all, if Stella can find her groove, you can find your rhythm.

    Your blogging makes me laugh, so keep it up!

    -Val (Liz’s sister)

    • traveldummy Says:

      Thank you sweetie. This motivated me to write my blog for Monday…consider it a post just for you! But, you know, public…so share!

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