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Jack of all trades, master of none April 5, 2010

Filed under: Ramblin' (wo)Man — Angela @ 7:33 am

This odd little rambling that is taking the place of my Hearst Castle post (which I still havent been able to make myself write…I believe I am absurdly overwhelmed by the massive amount of photos I took) was titled and half-written yesterday as, “Does it move you?”. Today, it seems to hold a slightly different meaning since the ground, quite literally, started to wiggle this way and that as what felt like the longest earthquake in history rumbled through the earth.

Interesting, no?

What I had intended is more cerebral than literal, so the title got a little update and I no longer need to dwell on the strange coincidence the other one held.


I find inspiration just about everywhere. Music (obviously), clothing, photos, my cat, you name it and I will be inspired by it. The problem? Nothing sticks. I am a lucky one, most things I attempt I am better than average at doing (Hey, it’s the truth!), but I can never stick with it to perfect it, become a master, to turn it into something profitable or useful. Instead, several weeks in I am inspired to the very depths of my soul to do something completely different. I drop my exciting venture to explore a shiny brand new one.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

My life is full of half paint murals and abandoned websites.


This little website was another exciting new toy that has since fallen by the wayside from the draw of other experiments. I’m supremely disappointed in my lack of fortitude and think I would like to use this as a time to change.

Follow through.


I can commit! Gosh darn it I can!

So, throwing my hope out into this great vastness, lets see if I can make it boomerang into something I can be proud of…and not something else to sweep under the mat.

My question to you is, what do you do to keep yourself on track? Tips, tricks or helpful hints?


2 Responses to “Jack of all trades, master of none”

  1. Ciel Jennings Says:

    As a person who is similarly situated (and who has stopped and started WAY too many things) all I can say that has helped are two things: One, have people around you who will help you keep on track and/or assist the start-up idea with completion; or Two, cycle through the ideas/projects so that they stay interesting (work on one for a few weeks, shift to another, shift to a third, return to the first) that way things get done, but the utter boredom of repetition doesn’t rear its ugly head.

    Just 2 cents from Texas.


  2. Jodie Says:

    Oh hun. When did you get in my brain??

    I have such a list of unfinished projects! And it’s so frustrating knowing if I just put the time and effort into one of my many ventures or ideas, I might be rich!

    Generally the only advice I can give is;

    1) make lists
    2) organize
    3) give yourself deadlines

    Alas, I am still not so successful as to give advice.

    The funny thing is – I have a feeling if I were to just pursue one of the ideas/talents/ventures I have I would be happy and make money…and instead have spent many years doing “what I think I should”…wasting time paying bills and going to work!

    Among my ideas?
    Various videography ideas (including making a Baby Einstein like serious geared towards religions…strange yes, but it would sell), various craft projects (I’ve gone so far as to hope I could quit everything and just make these projects and sell them for elaborate prices at art fairs and galleries…), A couples website (similar to singles dating, but instead finding like-minded couples to spend time with..don’t laugh at me, you know it’s good!)…and the list goes on 🙂

    PS – I would really appreciate if any readers didn’t steal my ideas 🙂 I’ve never wrote them in public previously, but I do hope to bring them to fruition someday!

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