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Still my guitar gently weeps February 23, 2010

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One year ago an eclectic community of people were brought together, mourning the loss of a friend, a brother, a son and an inspiration.

Death is rough…that much is painfully obvious. I will not say it’s harder when it is someone so young. I will not say it’s harder when the culprit is a relentless and unfair disease. I will not say it’s harder when it claims the life of one of the only genuinely nice and giving people I have ever known. No matter if you lose a grandparent or a child, every life is miraculous and every loss a devastation.

One year ago a talented musician and artist lost his fight with liver cancer. For that, and for more reasons than there are stars in the sky, my heart is heavy this morning.

Today I will make sure to tell my family (and chosen family!) how much I love them. I will set every Beatles album I own on a loop and I will remember Stephens sweet smile, which happens to be my absolute favorite memory of him.

Cheers to you friend! I haven’t forgotten that breakfast you promised me! I hope you have it ready when I get there one day, I bet I’ll be famished. 🙂

Stephen Sorenson

September 15, 1976 – February 24, 2009


Sunday Bonus! January 10, 2010

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I have always said that my friends give me life. Now, there is a bit of evidence to back it up.

Surround yourself with the people you love and you will live a longer, happier and fuller life for it!