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To everything…there is a season January 12, 2010

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Three years ago, the town of Santa Clarita (as well as many other surrounding communities) were affected by a horrible fire that claimed lives and destroyed homes.

My childhood home was one that was in the path of the fire. The firefighters said that they simply couldn’t fight it, it was burning too hot and too fast. They needed to let it “burn through”our neighborhood and that they were sorry.

After evacuations and threats from officials to throw him in the county jail for failure to cooperate, my father chose to stay and defend the house he built with his own two hands.

He fought the fire…and he won.

He suffered from severe smoke inhalation and spent some time in the hospital.The house (a log cabin with, shall we say, character) also suffered. Ash and soot invaded every room, imbedding into curtains, clothing, our mattresses. It became an uninvited guest that just wouldn’t leave. For three years, every time you wipe down the bathroom counter or vacuumed the rugs, there would be a thin layer of soot 30 minutes later.

Don’t even get me started about the persistent cough none of us could get rid of.

Homeowners insurance claimed nothing was wrong. The house was fine. There would be no payout to fix the damage.

Too bad they didn’t realize that my father was willing to fight a fire that firefighters deemed too dangerous, he was certainly willing to fight a greedy insurance company.

Here we stand today, years later, victorious.

Every stitch of everything that has been in that house for three decades has to be removed and my family relocated for the months of work to be done on the home.

So, what is the point of this story?

Since we are evacuating our home (in a sense), I will not have internet…and therefore no blogging…for about a week.

This blog will commence Tuesday January 19th.

Dont forget now…;)